Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Economics Institute

I am not short of opinion when it comes to governance, democracy, and the economy.  Humanity has put itself in a  huge hole.   Getting back on track will not be easy.  Any chance for a positive outcome to the global scale drama we are caught up in requires the embrace of certain fundamental values, including compassion, equality and fairness, inclusivity, and an appreciation and nurturing of the natural world.

There are so many NGOs working to affect change in the world, it's hard to know where to focus one's personal commitment.  One group I find appealing is the New Economics Institute [NEI].  These people are intent on building the needed momentum for a fundamental reordering of economics and democratic governance. I agree with their priorities.   I urge the reader to take a look at the NEI and consider signing on to their action plan for reshaping the world to achieve a lasting harmony with nature and the biosphere we all depend on.

Here is a link to the New Economics Institute...

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