Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Edge - A Web Presence that is Worthy

Imagine a website that serves mostly as an outlet for good ideas from the minds of some of the world's best thinkers. Edge is the name of the site. It's the brainchild of a New York based innovator named John Brockman. I confess, Brockman is new to me. All indications are that he is an impressive thinker himself.  

Edge is shaped to inspire, but it's not  for lightweights.  It's not dumbed down. The visitor is assumed to have a scientifically open mind and the ability to thoughtfully  process information.

There are more than a few forward thinking, scientifically focused presences on the net that seek to engage and influence in a positive way.  Edge stands out. It is shaped for an intelligent audience; the kind of visitor that favors compelling ideas over mindless hype and promotion.

This site is  built on good science and nuanced insight.  It's a bunch of really smart people expressing themselves on a variety of subjects, with  ideas that contribute to a sustainable world view.

Edge appears to be gender equal.  Smart women with good ideas are showcased as often as men.   I  like that,  because women have every right to be treated equally.  Also, it does seem that most women are genetically selected to nurture. How wonderful is that?  A huge dose of caring and compassion is very much what the world needs.

One thing I wish for is that the mentally engaged crowd that subscribes to Edge join with the caring people who  champion  the natural world, and those good folks  who fight for women's rights, and  Indigenous rights, and gay rights, and animal rights. To some extent, it's already happening. It needs to happen a whole lot more.  These noble constituencies that represent different causes  need to  get on the same page and work together.  They need to come together and  focus on reshaping our seriously corrupted form of governance.  What we have now is a corporate plutocracy, driven to a substantial degree  by legalized bribery.  That must change. Those of us who want to be progressive game changers - I have to assume that includes the exceptional men and women who interface at the  Edge  website -  need to engage at the grass roots with all the other good people who want to build an equitable, life-affirming future.  We need to work together for a common solution to the political dysfunction that diminishes everything we care about.

I have joined the Edge  online community. Take a look yourself. If smart thinking works for you, check Edge out for yourself. Here is a link to the website...


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