Friday, November 8, 2013

Animal Pix

I have been working to improve my photo processing for a couple of years. I shoot with a Canon 7D  DSLR, mostly with a Canon 24-105 lens.   I process in Lightroom and in PhotoShop CS6.    I like the work I'm doing these days, not that it couldn't be a whole lot better. I love trying new processing techniques.

It's fun to turn a nice photo image into something that approximates art.  Here are some of my animal images taken over the past few years, and processed with my own brand of artistry.   I find inspiration everywhere I turn. My approach is to do what I like and hope that others appreciate the effort.

I like photographing animals, especially when I can present them in a graceful or majestic way. 

Blue Heron - 'Vigil'


'Safe and Secure'

Curious George

'Alert and Ready'


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