Monday, December 1, 2014

Man Prayer

This is an extraordinary short video written by Eve Ensler, one of the brightest lights in the feminine galaxy.

This very engaging video has a lot to say, particularly to males of the species.  My gender has had its hand on the throttle and steering since people left caves for permanent settlements.  Often,  humanity has advanced, not because of  male dominance, but mostly in spite of the things men have done. Until very recently, women have been dominated by men and subjected to many forms of violence and mistreatment. They have been deprived of education, and in some societies, reduced to a form of property. 

In recent years, in the more developed nations of the world, woman have made great strides. In the U.S., women have fought for and, to a great extent,  attained  equality and access to education and opportunity.

That's not say the battle is won for women.  There are still conservative voices that want to limit women's reproductive choice and their right to be who they wish to be.  There are still too many lesser developed nations in the world where women's rights remain pretty much non-existent.

Eve Ensler is one of the world's most important voices on equality and women's issues. The group she founded, V-Day, has become a global force.  With V-day, the principle focus is on ending violence against women by men. V-day is everywhere these days, but its work in Africa and the Congo in particular, is particularly notable and inspiring.

Eve Ensler is a creative genius and a treasure to humanity.   This 'Man Prayer' video is a powerful reflection of V-Day's effort to engage men and encourage them to join with women to remake the world in a manner that is life affirming and sustainable.

In V-Day parlance,  I am a V-man.

You guys that are not already in the club, I have to ask, 'What are you waiting for?'   If a man wants women to appreciate him, it starts with treating them with compassion and respect. 

Here is a link to the V-day website...


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