Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cedar Hills Green Co-op - Take Two

Today, we have the first iteration of the Cedar Hills Green Co-op website on line. It is mostly a shell at this point, but it looks good, and it's potential for being the centerpiece of real progressive change in this community is enormous.

I would like to see Cedar Hills become a model for how to transform a community into beacon of sustainability and harmony with nature. Ambitious? Yes. Delusional? No.

Eight members of our community stepped up to my solicitation for interest in the Green Co-op idea. The approach we are taking is slow. We will nurture the website and social media first and build on that.

Mihaela Mihaescu, a local web developer, volunteered to help get the website going. So far, so good. By Spring, we should know if this effort is going to work.

This website is just sprouting. We hope it to be so much more by Spring. Here is the link...

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