Sunday, July 20, 2014

Wildlife Botanical Gardens

Just yesterday, my wife and I drive up to the Wildlife Botanical Gardens in Brush Prairie, Washington. It's about a 40 minute drive from our house on the west side of Portland.

Anyway, it's this beautiful rural acreage that has been lovingly nurtured over the years into a gorgeous natural tapestry of blended colors and textures.  There are plenty of birds and bees around; much more than we see around our home. But, even in this place out in the country, there aren't as many birds around as one might have expected,  though it's still very nice.  On a Saturday afternoon in the summer, we were the only visitors. Aside from a couple of friendly volunteer gardeners, we had the place to ourselves.

Here are a couple of my photos from the Wildlife Botanical Gardens...

My favorite is the one that is dominated by white flowers that are dappled with sunlight peaking through the trees.

The image of the hummingbird hovering over the bubbling bird bath  was hard to get. Only one out of about eight exposures that I shot had the bird even partially in focus.  This little bird was an acrobat, darting back and forth, up and down for a quick sip of water.

Here is a link to the webpage of The Wildlife Botanical Garden.

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