Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sea Turtle Saved By Diver

I really enjoy stories that showcase  humans asserting themselves in acts of kindness toward other living creatures.  This story just appeared on the net. It's a diver in the ocean. He comes across a sea turtle that has a large piece of fishing net wrapped tightly around its left front flipper.  The turtle doesn't struggle or try to get away. It remains quiet and unmoving as the diver cuts away the net. When the turtle is free, it doesn't flee. It swims toward the diver and eyes him face to face.

Turtles can't talk or express emotion, unless of course they are the teenage ninja species of turtle. But, in this instance, the sea turtle's behavior seems to reflect a connection with the diver, a calm appreciation for the kindness extended to it.

Anyway, if you appreciate acts of kindness, this video will give you a lift. Here's the link to the video.

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