Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sunseeker Duo

I first learned to fly more than thirty years ago. I rarely get pilot time these days, but I am still passionate about aviation. I also have a long-standing commitment to clean, renewable energy. Some very cool things have been happening recently that involve both aviation and clean energy.

There are several groups developing solar powered aircraft. Solar Flight, a group based in Italy, has developed a series of solar-powered motor gliders. The latest iteration, the Sunseeker Duo, is big enough for two. It can take off on its own and stay aloft  as long as there is daylight in the sky.

I learned to fly gliders in California's high desert.  I love the quiet and the lazy grace that goes with this kind of cloud dancing. At this point in my life, having a Sunseeker Duo based at the gliderport ten miles west of my home would be the perfect way to satisfy my undiminished desire to take to the sky.

Here is a link to a beautiful video of the solar powered Sunseeker Duo taking off, flying over some gorgeous Italian countryside, and landing again, quietly, gracefully, using only the powered provided by the sun.
Here is a link to the Solar Flight website...

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