Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lost Cat

So, our longtime friend, Alexandra Paul has a twin sister named Caroline, who is a very gifted writer. Caroline has written a couple of books, including one about her years as a firefighter in the city of San Francisco. 

Caroline’s latest book, Lost Cat is a story out of her own life. It begins as she is recovering from a very serious leg injury. One of her housemates is a cat named Tibby. Like all kittys, he is a bit of an enigma. For thirteen years, he was pretty much a homebody. Then, while Caroline is hobbled and on crutches, Tibby disappears. Caroline and her partner Wendy MacNaughton search frantically for Tibby, without success.   Then, five weeks later, when all hope is gone, the missing kitty returns, looking healthy, as if not a day had been lost. 

This is a wonderfully engaging, and amusing, true detective story.  It’s about the emotional distress that comes with the sudden, unexplained loss of a much loved, feline friend, and it’s about solving the mystery of where the venturesome kitty had been during his unexplained absence.

Last Cat is a simple tale. At heart, it is a love story. Caroline Paul tells it in a delightful way, that delivers lots of smiles. Her narrative is exquisitely complemented by Wendy MacNaughton’s sometimes quirky, always endearing illustrations.

 If you are a person with a soft spot for animals, particularly kitty cats, this is a book for you.

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