Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rhymes With Smoky Joe

Here is a remarkable short video that focuses on a Texas Republican congressman named 'Smoky' Joe Barton.

In 1996, Barton was a central figure in the tobacco industry's effort to push back against clear evidence linking cigarette smoking with lung cancer and other health maladies.  Though the science was and is irrefutable, Barton was one of the chief deniers resisting pressure for the government to put warning labels on cigarette packages. Barton was clearly linked to big tobacco through large contributions to his congressional election campaign.  In this video, Barton can be seen swearing on a bible that his ties to big tobacco had no influence on his position defending that industry against further regulation. Of course, the evidence shows that Barton was lying through his teeth.

Congressman Joe Barton

More recently, Barton has been a leader of the climate deniers in Congress, resisting every effort to enact legislation to regulate atmospheric carbon emissions.  This man, who wears his religion on his sleeve, is a splendid example of why our government doesn't work. Here is a guy, who has shamelessly sold his soul to the highest bidder.   Barton is not unusual. In Washington, legalized bribery rules.  Both political parties are egregiously corrupted by big money from corporations and special interests. Our system of government has been perverted and rigged to favor sociopathic sellouts like Barton.  These days, that's why so very little that's truly useful and worthwhile gets done.  Enough said. Check out this video.

Here is the link to Rhymes with Smoky Joe...

Since I first posted this blog, Joe Barton has added another chapter to his litany of moral bankruptcy.  Now he is the congressional poster boy for abolishing the minimum wage. 

Joe Barton. The best congressman money can buy.

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