Monday, December 2, 2013

Hydrogen is Happening in Europe

I am a staunch advocate of hydrogen as a clean, inexhaustible, non-toxic energy carrier replacement for fossil fuels like oil and natural gas.   I wrote a book about it. I've made several documentaries and educational videos about hydrogen and renewable energy.  I'm not saying hydrogen is a panacea. But it is an important part of any well considered vision of a clean, sustainable energy future.

For Europe, the future is now. They are allocating 20 percent of the European Union budget to clean energy, climate mitigating technologies over the next few years.  Hydrogen is a big part of the Europe's plan, because it offers a relatively easy pathway to storing clean energy for use on demand. Ultimately, it would involve using surplus electricity generate with wind turbines, solar PV, or some other renewable technology to split water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen, which can then be stored for conversion back to electricity when needed.  

The European Union organization behind the development of hydrogen as an energy carrier is HyER. 

Here is a link to the HyER website....

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