Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pen and Ink

Tricia Kittredge is an artist of the first order. Her medium is pen and ink.

Tricia Kittredge

Largely self-taught, Tricia has been working her magic for 35 years, specializing in illustrations of pet aniimals, landscapes, still lifes, portraiture and figure studies.



Tricia Kittredge is based in Salem, Oregon. Her husband, Don Anderson is one of my mentors. Don's awesome photographic work often provides inspiration for Tricia's art.  They are a winning combination, and a big part of what makes them that way is their refusal to act their own age. They know very well how to have a good time.

Pen and ink is a beautiful but notoriously difficult medium.  It takes about six weeks of painstaking work to produce one of Tricia's exceptional works of art.  She appears to relish every moment she spends with pen in hand. 

If you want one of Tricia's works, it will cost you. These days, she keeps herself quite busy producing commissioned work. 

I am fortunate to have Tricia and Don as friends. Now, I need to cobble together enough bucks to get in line for my own commission.

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