Monday, October 6, 2014

Naomi Klein and Move to Amend

Naomi Klein is a journalist and author with a global following. When I heard about her new book, This Changes Everything, I pretty much knew that her progressive worldview would be supportive of Move to Amend, the national initiative on which I am now focusing much of my attention.

Naomi Klein

I purchased This Changes Everything the day after it hit the bookstores in late September of this year. The book makes the case that climate change is the monster, earth scale issue that will either bring us all together to force an energy transition away from polluting, fossil forms of energy like coal and oil, or it will be the undoing of human civilization as we know it.  Making the change away from dirty energy to clean renewable forms like wind and solar requires that society push aside the big energy players that have dominated our political system for so long. Naomi Klein says as much in This Changes Everything.

Just after buying the book, I happened to look at the website for This Change Everything.   I discovered that Naomi was scheduled to appear for a book signing at Powell's Bookstore in Beaverton, Oregon, about two miles from my home, on October 1, 2014.  

Of course, I wanted to get my copies of The Shock Doctrine and This Changes Everything signed while Naomi was here.  Then, it occurred to me that something much more could be accomplished.  I have been producing outreach videos  for Move to Amend since early this year. Why not try to get Naomi Klein on the record in support of Move to Amend's  initiative for a 28th Constitutional Amendment that says 'Corporations are not People' and 'Money is not Speech'.   

Having read Naomi's books, I believed that she would support Move to Amend, even though I could not find any public statement to that effect in a search of the net.  Anyway,  I tracked down her publicist in New York. I sent an email requesting the opportunity interview Naomi during her Portland book tour stopover.

Two days before the scheduled visit, I heard from Naomi's publicist.  We were given ten minutes for an interview with her just before the start of her appearance at Powell's Bookstore.

With the assistance of my colleagues Ryan Rittenhouse and Roger Bates, we got it done.

The following video is the result..


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