Friday, September 12, 2014

Local Power

I just ran across a video for New Era Colorado, a grassroots group in Colorado that has a ballot initiative that removes the local power utility, Excel Energy, from control of the electric power structure that serves the community or Boulder, Colorado..

Excel relies primarily on coal fired power plants to deliver energy to  Boulder. Excel is a 'for-profit', shareholder controlled utility.  The New Era Colorado imitative will install a municipal public utility to provide power, with the intent that it move rapidly away from reliance on coal to clean, renewable sources of electric power.

This is a volunteer grassroots effort. Excel Energy is spending millions to influence pubic opinion to prevent voters from throwing them out. 

I love what the New Era Colorado grassroots team are doing.  I hope they prevail against all the huge amounts of corporate influence money being thrown into the process by Excel Energy.

Here is a link to the very compelling 'Local Power' video produced by New Era Colorado...

Here is a link to New Era Colorado's webpage...

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