Wednesday, April 2, 2014

McCutcheon Vs. FEC

Well, today the Supreme Court did it again. It ruled there should be no limits on campaign spending in our elections.   The floodgates have now opened for billionaires like the Koch Brothers to own America's political system.  It was bad enough when the slug bait conservatives on the court voted 5-4 for Citizen's United, the first step on the road to 'he who has the money makes the rules'. 

McCutcheon Vs. FEC effectively removes all remaining limits to the amount of money a corporation or an individual can spend to influence our elections.   We no longer have a democracy.  We have an oligarchy controlled by super-rich plutocrats.

The sad thing is most Americans still seem to be in the dark about this.  Just last week, a poll revealed that 52% of Americans don't know who the Koch Brothers are.   That is very disturbing, given the fact that the Koch's, who inherited their wealth from their father,  are the poster boys for egregious spending to buy the politics they want.

Though corporate conservatives, most of whom are Republican, are primarily responsible for the sewer money politics that prevail in this country, both parties are guilty of feeding on dirty money from the Koch's and other super rich political manipulators.

There is only one answer that will restore our Constitution. That is a 28th Constitutional Amendment that says specifically that Corporations are not people and money is not speech.  The people we elect to govern our country will not make this happen. They are part of the problem.  To make this right, the American people must step up and stand together in a grass root effort to rid our politics of big money influence.

There is a group called Move to Amend. It's one and only focus is on a Constitutional Amendment that says corporations are not people and money is not speech.  I support Move to Amend.  Every American has a duty to stand together to support Move to Amend's unambiguous and straightforward Constitutional remedy.

The Constitution is supposed to serve the interests of all the people, not just the rich and powerful.  If you aren't already onboard,  take the time to learn about Move to Amend, then join us and become part of the solution. We all have a stake in this fight.  It's time to step up and be counted.

Visit the Move to Amend

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